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The Sewol ferry sinking is the focus of several documentaries recounting the awful morning of the capsize, and theorizing about what happened.

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Diving Bell: The Truth Shall
Not Sink With Sewol

A documentary film about the sinking of the Sewol, specifically focused on the use of rescue equipment called a diving bell. The film shows the desperate work of  private citizens as well as the frustrating behavior of South Korean government operatives.

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In The Absence

A short documentary film about the sinking of the Sewol, in chronological order, using actual footage. The film depicts how the passengers were abandoned to their fate as authorities failed in their rescue efforts.

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An investigative documentary film with in-depth analysis of the Sewol navigational data that proves  South Korean government agencies were colluding and had released fake ferry data to conceal that the sinking was not accidental.

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Ghost Ship: Full Trailer

The sequel to Intention investigates the manipulation of the Sewol’s Automatic Identification System (AIS). The documentary delves into who planned the data manipulation, why the Sewol’s data was manipulated, and how a phantom ship was used to hide the truth of the Sewol’s sinking.

No Known Cause

No Known Cause

Despite numerous investigations spanning years, the cause of the Sewol ferry sinking has never been determined. Questions about the government’s

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Primary Resources

A convenient repository of articles, essays, summaries of investigations, and other factual materials related to the sinking of the Sewol

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Abuse of Power

The Park Administration used South Korea’s Defense Security Command (DSC) or military intelligence service to spy, wiretap, surveil, and intimidate

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The Park Administration identified the Yoo Byung-eun family as the main culprit of the Sewol disaster soon after the accident.

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